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Modern Firearms
All firearms on this page require an FFL dealer transfer. None are designated as a curio & relic. Please check with all state ands local laws before placing an order.
If you do not have an FFL, you can still buy a gun through Allan's Armory by finding a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer in your area and doing what is called a "transfer." They send me their FFL, you send me the payment, I ship the gun to them, and you do whatever is required by law in your area to have the gun transferred to you. Dealers charge a transfer fee of $10 to $75, depending on where you live and who they are. It pays to shop around and phone different gun dealers, pawn shops, gun shops, gunsmiths, etc., and ask what their fee is.

AK Semi-Auto Rifle


Pioneer Arms AK-47 Semi-Auto Rifle made on Polish receiver and barrel. {7.62x39mm} Serial# PAC1123340. Synthetic furniture in VG+ condition. Metal finish 98%+. Comes with sling, cleaning rod, slant muzzle brake, and a 30 round metal magazine. Bore has VG+ lands, grooves have a mirror shine. $450     PHOTO

Modern Long Guns


Winchester Model 94 Lever Action Rifle. Serial # 3752758. {30-30}. Wood stock in VG to VG+ condition. Deep blue gloss finish 98%+. 19 1/2: barrel. Bore has VG+ lands, grooves have mirror shine. $525


Lee-Enfield Rifle No.4 MKI Sporter Rifle. Serial # 35L4156. {303 British}. Manufactured by Long Branch in 1943. Wood is in VG condition, VG to VG+ under scratched finish. Metal finish 65%+ with some remnants of black stoveing. Adjustable military rear, front ramp dovetail after market front sights. Drilled and tapped on top and side of receiver, see photos. Has muzzle brake. Factory magazine cut down to 7 rounds by a company in Japan! Barrel is free floated, 21 ", two groove, plus a 2" muzzle brake. Bore has VG (Hi VG) lands, bright shine/almost mirror in grooves. $225


Enfield Model 1917 Sporter Rifle. Serial # 106709. {3006}. Manufactured by Winchester. Wood is in VG (Hi VG) condition with soft rubber butt pad. Hand grip cap chipped, see photo. Metal finish 90%+ (except mag plate 10%). Drilled and tapped with weaver scope mounts. Barrel is an after market, 23 1/4" and free floated. Bore has VG to VG+, grooves have mirror shine. $325

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