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Before purchasing a Swedish rifle,
Most of the Swedish rifles currently being imported are not coming directly from military arsenals. Those came and went quite a few years ago. The firearms are now coming from dealers in Sweden who purchased these firearms from private owners. Most are ex-military arms. After being in private hands for years, many have been slightly altered or tweaked according to the former owners preferences, to make repairs due to worn parts, or to be made more accurate for shooting tournaments. I cannot guarantee they are in original military configuration. Barrels may of been changed, sights worked on, non-serial numbered parts used to replace worn military ones to keep the guns safe to shoot, etc. I do my best to note any changes in my descriptions, but some cannot be easily detected. Please keep this in mind when purchasing a Swedish Mauser or CG rifle. I do not guarantee they will be in original military configuration. I DO back up every firearm I sell with my usual guarantee:
If I sell you anything that is not as good or better than described (mechanics and cosmetics), I will refund your purchase price and pay shipping both ways. We do not headspace or take metallurgical tests of each specimen. If we did, each piece would be priced out of market to you. Unless a rifle is advertised as a "wallhanger," it being sold as shootable and should at least pass a field gauge headspace test. We expect the collector to know that he should have any military-surplus firearm checked by a competent gunsmith before takin' it to the range and blazing away. We do, however, check mechanical function as far as possible.



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