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One of a Kind Antiques


Austro-Hungarian Model 1867 Werndl single-shot breech loading rifle. { 11x42? or 11x58? rimmed}. Serial # 868. For some reason, a former owner coated the metal and wood in varnish. Wood under the varnish looks to be in VG condition. Metal finish is dark under varnish, I don’t see any pitting. Missing the rear receiver screwhammer screw, rear sling swivel assembly, and rear sight spring (see photos). All stamped numbers are in photos. Bore has VG lands, grooved have a bright shine with a few spots of debris or minor pitting. $400     PHOTO

A-456. more photos>



British BSA Snider Carbine. Serial # NONE. {.557 Snider } Enfield manufactured in 1861. Wood is in VG condition. Metal finish 70% overall. Bore has VG lands, grooves shine. $750     PHOTO


Nepalese Gehendra Martini. Serial # NONE. { 557-450 } Manufactured pre-1898. Wood is in Fair+ to G condition. Repaired wood at tang, see photo. Metal finish 20% overall with scattered surface corrosion and pitting at wood line. Has cleaning rod. Bore has G+ lands, light debris in grooves. $325     PHOTO


German 1888 Commission Rifle. Serial # NONE. {8x57mm}Danzig manufactured in 1892. Wood is in Fair+ to low G condition. Metal finish: receiver in the white. 20% patina on barrel shroud with scattered minor surface corrosion and a few dents. Bore has G+ lands, light debris in grooves . $325     PHOTO

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