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New items added 4/4/20
Swedish Model 33 Rolling Block Hunting Rifles

New items added 4/1/20
Czech BRNO Model 2 Rifles

Antique Swedish Rolling Block Rifles

New items added 3/29/20
M95 Carbines

Antiques -
* Antiques, no FFL needed: Swedish Rolling Block Rifles * Austro-Hungarian Werndl *

Swedish Rolling Block Rifles
Bulgaria -
* Makarovs *

Chile -
* M1912 Mauser Long Rifle *

Czechoslovakia -
* CZ82 Pistols * CZ70 Pistols *

Great Britain and Colonial States -
* Lee Enfield No.4 MKI Rifle * Pattern 14 Rifles * Lee Enfield No.1 MKIII Rifle
Estate Sale -
* A fine selection of firearms from a private collection *

Prices reduced: Remington Pump Action Rifles
Iran -
* Persian Mauser *

Modern Firearms -
No curio and relics here, must go through a dealer transfer
One of a Kind -
* Unique items *
Project Stuff & Guns with Issues -
* Firearms and other items sold for parts and projects *Enfield, Mauser, Mannlicher, & Mosin*

Rimfire -
* Romanian Training Rifles {22LR} * Beretta Model 71 semi-auto pistol with fake suppressor * BRNO Model 2 *Erma E-M1 Carbine * Romanian UMC CUGIR *

Czech BRNO Model 2 Rifles
Russia -
* MN91/30 Rifles *

Straight Pull M95 Mannlicher -
* Straight Pull M95 Carbines *

M95 Carbines
Spain -
* SxS Shotguns *

Sweden -
* Husqvarna Model 1600 Rifles * Model 33 Rolling Block Hunting Rifles *
Model 33 Rolling Block Hunting Rifles

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