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Laws, regulations, and policies

We do not have walk in facilities and don't do over the counter sales. For local non-ffl firearm sales, a local dealer does transfers for about $25. Call or email us for details.
We abide by all laws and BATFE regulations applicable to firearms. Orders for firearms will only be shipped to BATFE licensees and cannot be shipped without a signed copy of the receiver's Federal Firearms License in hand prior to shipping. If your FFL is not yet on file with us, we will hold your order until it arrives as long as it's sent in a timely fashion (no more than than 5 business days). We accept FFLs that are snail mailed, faxed, or sent by email.

Place Order & Payment

Credit card info by phone only, DO NOT SEND VIA EMAIL

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express credit cards. No money orders or bank checks.
No fee for credit card use and no charges until within two days of shipping.

To place an order, send email to allansarmory@yahoo.com:

  • 1. Your full name
  • 2. Phone number and best time to reach you.
  • 3. Do you have an FFL or will you be using a dealer? If using a dealer, what is their business name?
  • 4. Inventory number(s) of item(s) you want to order. (It would be best to add a 2nd and 3rd choice in case the item you want has already been sold.)
  • 5. Mailing address for credit card and or antique or ammo shipment.

2. Phone orders
  • Call 352-468-2769, Monday - Friday from 10:00AM to 6:00PM, Eastern Time, to place a phone order.

  • When I'm working in the warehouse, there is nobody by the phone. Please leave your name and phone number on the answering machine. We'll get back to you ASAP. DO NOT LEAVE credit card info.

  • Phone orders have to be confirmed with an email to allansarmory@yahoo.com

We do not accept money orders, bank checks, or personal checks.

We do not accept money orders, bank checks, or personal checks.

If you don't have an FFL:

If you do not have an FFL, you can still buy a gun through Allan's Armory by finding an FFL transfer dealer in your area and doing what is called a "transfer." You place an order with us, then contact your transfer dealer to send us their FFL. We ship the gun to them and you do whatever is required by local/state law to have the gun transferred to you. Dealers charge a transfer fee of $10 to $100 and up, depending on where you live and who they are. It pays to shop around and phone different gun dealers, pawn shops, gun shops, gunsmiths, etc., and ask how much they charge for transfers.

Shipping charges

1. Shipping charges for ammo is actual UPS Ground rate to residential with signature required. You will receive the total cost of your purchase including shipping via email after we process your order.

2. Shipping charges for a long gun is $22 regular ground for the first gun and $10 each for additional gun on the same order to a business address (01 FFL dealer). There is an additional charge of $3 for all non-business home deliveries to 03 FFLs. Long guns will be shipped UPS only. For an additional $20, your long gun will be shipped in a foam lined hard case upon request.

3. Shipping charges for handguns via UPS 2nd day air is $30 for the first gun and $10 each for additional gun on the same order. There is an additional charge of $3 for all non-business home deliveries to 03 FFLs.

Our Guarantee

If there is any "unadvertised" mechanical or cosmetic problem with an item I send you, please email me within a THREE DAY NON SHOOTING examination period and the problem will be taken care of. I will pay shipping costs if the item needs to be returned due to the legitimate problems mentioned above. After the THREE DAY NON SHOOTING examination period, the gun is yours and can only be returned at our discretion and under extraordinary circumstances. The firearm may only be taken apart by a certified gunsmith. I will not accept a return if it's been tampered with by someone unqualified to do so.

Unfortunately, there have been a very small minority of buyers who abused this policy. In cases like these, I will not pay for any shipping costs and these returns will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. This charge will be implemented at my discretion. I will not accept a return if a firearm has been tampered with by someone unqualified to do so.

Sorry about this, but when an item is returned due to a customer's mistake, I still have to cover the costs of paper work, packing, and web administration fees.


Besides just a rifle or pistol, we guarantee that what you are buying from us is an assurance of quality and value. An assurance that the piece you paid for has received a preliminary cleaning visual inspection -- an assurance that a Very Good Condition rifle is, indeed in very good OR BETTER condition. We don't charge a "hand pick" fee because all of our items are hand picked and individually described in detail.

We roll the dice for you. We dig out enough of the cosmo and the other detritus to look over the bore, furniture and mechanics. Not to worry, though -- we'll leave you a little cleaning to do so you can familiarize yourself with your new purchase. You can rest assured that the gun you buy from us is in the same or better condition than stated.


If I sell you anything that is not as good or better than described (mechanics and cosmetics), I will refund your purchase price and pay shipping both ways.

We do not headspace or take metallurgical tests of each specimen. If we did, each piece would be priced out of market to you. Unless a rifle is advertised as a "wallhanger," it being sold as shootable and should at least pass a military field gauge headspace test. We expect the collector to know that he should have any surplus firearm checked by a competent gunsmith before takin' it to the range and blazing away. We do, however, check mechanical function as far as possible.

Unlike the big distributors and most dealers, we do not sell guns based on a wide condition range (like Good to Very Good), but grade each firearm individually, noting the wood, metal, bore condition, matching numbers, pitting, and even the presence or absence of items such as cleaning rods for item we are selling. When it comes to buying a shooter/collector firearm, bore condition is of upmost importance. I take care in describing the bore in detail. First, I describe the condition of the lands (raised part of rifling) which is an indicator of bore wear. Then I describe the condition of the grooves as to whether they are shiny, pitted, dark, full of debris, etc. A rifle having sharp lands (not very worn) is more important than how shiny a bore is. If the grooves are described as "frosted," this means they still shine, but are not mirror bright. This is due to the metals surface having microscopic pitting vs. being totally smooth, much like a matte stainless steel gun vs. a highly polished one.

While we take great care to individually describe each piece, our general criteria and rating system is:
  • New -- unissued
  • Excellent -- slightly used, few or no dings in wood, bluing remaining, slight edge wear possible
  • Very good -- some dings in wood, most bluing remaining, no pitting unless noted
  • Good -- dinged/some damage to wood, but no cracks. Some bluing, may have minor pitting.
  • Fair -- well worn
Thanks for thinking of us and thanks for your patronage!

-- Allan's Armory --

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