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All firearms on this page require an FFL dealer transfer. None are designated as a curio & relic. Please check with all state ands local laws before placing an order.
If you do not have an FFL, you can still buy a gun through Allan's Armory by finding a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer in your area and doing what is called a "transfer." They send me their FFL, you send me the payment, I ship the gun to them, and you do whatever is required by law in your area to have the gun transferred to you. Dealers charge a transfer fee of $10 to $75, depending on where you live and who they are. It pays to shop around and phone different gun dealers, pawn shops, gun shops, gunsmiths, etc., and ask what their fee is.

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New Manurhin MR88 Revolvers

The French Manurhin revolver is hand built to the company's exacting standards by highly trained craftsmen. The MR88 is THE highest quality stainless wheel gun available with no MIM parts used. The finely finished stainless steel contrasts nicely with the crisp lettering and stampings. A higher quality steel is used to manufacture this revolver than is used for any domestically made one resulting in a more durable firearm. All MR88s are test fired, but are totally factory new.
How does a Manurhin revolver differ from a Smith & Wesson or Ruger?
According to factory sources, one major difference is the metallurgy. A S&W or Ruger (both very well made revolvers), can fire about 25,000 rounds of full power 357 magnum loads before getting out of spec. A Manurhin MR88 is good for 50,000 rounds! Fit and finish (hand done) and vastly improving the original internals (using wheels instead of just lubrication where metal rubs on metal) are other major differences.

New MR88 Revolvers

Manurhin MR88 Revolvers {357 mag}. Factory new! Manufactured in France. New Trausch rubber grips. Wood grips are an additional $50. Stainless steel in factory new condition. Adjustable sights with 6" barrel. The 6" is drilled and tapped. $1,600 with FREE Shipping
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