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Swedish Husqvarna Model 1600 series Rifles

The Swedish Husqvarna Model 1600 series rifle was built around a redesigned Mauser type action. The bolts retain the military style full length claw type extractor and three locking lugs. These commercial rifles were manufactured from approx. 1953 to 1967. The 1600 series rifles show the same high quality of manufacture as Swedish Military Mausers. * To facilitate scope mounting, each rifle came from the factory with a turned down/swept back bolt handle, side mount safety, and drilled and tapped for Weaver bases. They are also drilled and tapped on the right rear of the receiver for peep sights and have an easy to operate button in the trigger guard for floorplate release.* All have beautiful wood with checkering where needed, nice bluing as noted, and all bores have been conservatively graded for wear of rifling and groove condition. Instead of tearing apart military rifle and spending lots of money to build a sporter, or buying a cheap XMart, plastic stocked hunting rifle, you can buy one of these high quality rifles for hunting, target practice, or as a collectible.


Swedish Husqvarna Model 1600 Series Rifle. Serial # 223762. {30-06}. Manufactured by Husqvarna. Wood stock in G+ condition due to some wood issues, see photos. No cracks. Metal finish 98% on barrel and receiver. 50% on trigger guard and floor plate. Has front and rear iron sight, front and rear sling swivels, and is drilled and tapped for Weaver scope bases. Missing front sight hood. Bore has VG to VG+ lands, grooves have a mirror shine. $425
Yes, is C&R

Rolling Block rifles commercially manufactured by Husqvarna
Swedish Rolling Block rifles were commercially manufactured by Husqvarna for civilian sales from the 1870s to the early 1900s. These are not converted ex-military rifles. Cannot date individual rifles so must sell as C&R.


Swedish Model 1867 Rolling Block Shotgun. {16ga? approx}. Serial # 60915. Husqvarna manufactured for commercial use, was never a military rifle. No way to date year of manufacture so being sold as C&R, not as an antique. Wood is in G+ condition. Metal finish 75% on barrel, receiver has some tarnish. Barrel starts out as octagonal and changes to round. Note extra lever on hammer and round breech block face, see photos. Stamped matching numbers on the receiver, barrel, hammer, breech block, and butt plate. Y rear and iron front sights, front and rear sling swivels, checkered butt stock with cheek rest. Barrel is 37 1/2", is dark and pitted. $450
Is C&R, NOT antique

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